Don McCabe


Raising Children With Integrity

Cheating is widespread and on the rise.  What can parents, educators and children do to foster integrity?  Don McCabe is an internationally recognized expert on integrity, honor codes, and cheating. McCabe’s research has examined the origins and implications of cheating on hundreds of college and high school campuses.  McCabe is founding president of the Center for Academic Integrity, a united effort to promote academic integrity among college and university students.  According to McCabe, “one of the more significant pressures students feel when they consider cheating is that of their parents’ desire for grades that will get them into the college of their choice.  So, however unwittingly, parents can be a major factor in academic dishonesty.”  McCabe offers insights and practical advice for parents and schools to consciously and deliberately foster the intrinsic motivation for ethical behavior in academic life and beyond.

McCabe is a well-loved Professor of Management and Global Business at Rutgers University and frequent speaker to business, education and media interests. He has a B.A. in
Chemistry from Princeton University (1966), an M.B.A. in Marketing from Seton Hall University (1970), and a Ph.D in Management from NYU (1985). He is the author of “Cheating In College: Why Students Do It and What Educators Can Do About It”.