Dr. August Leming


Teaching our children to achieve and maintain focus in a world of distractions.

Thursday, February 2nd 2012, 7:30-9 pm, The Pennington School

What our children pay attention to becomes a part of them and their lives.  Today’s fast–paced world constantly threatens their positive attention, attempting to redirect it to objects, experiences, and thoughts that do not serve them well.  Television,, video games, interactive websites, drugs and alcohol use all impact the attention spans of our children.   Dr. August Leming will share techniques for harnessing a “here-and-now” experience, fostering healing, growth, and personal success with children and adults.  He will demonstrate how powerful a focused human mind can be for both achievement and joy.

  • How can we as parents help focus our children’s attention on the things that support their overall health and well- being, reduce stress, and assist them in resisting the temptations of destructive behavior?
  • What exactly is the “library of the mind” and how do we access it?
  • What are the techniques that foster a positive adolescent focus?

Dr. August Leming is a nationally recognized expert and leader in the art of optimal health and author of soon to be published, “The Psychology of Coaching”.   As a professor of Child and Adolescent Psychology, author, and President of the SOURCE Institute for Human Performance, he has worked with thousands of adults and adolescents seeking personal wellness and performance.   SOURCE Institute operates the fitness programs at The Pennington School, The Hun School of Princeton and The George School.  Dr. Leming regards the mind as a muscle, an essential tool for conditioning the body from the inside out.

Click on this link to Dr. August Leming’s website  www.sourcenj.com