Jodee Blanco


Bullying: It’s Not Just “Joking Around” Can It Be Stopped?

Thursday, November 10th 2011, 7:30-9 pm, The Hun School of Princeton.

Bullying and peer abuse have resulted in tragic events that have captured our nation’s attention and headlines. What can parents, children, schools, and communities do to shift the social dynamic around bullying and prevent the seemingly irreparable harm that can result?

  • Why are kids mean to other kids?
  • How do you know if your child is being bullied or is bullying
  • What about cyberbullying?

Survivor, expert, and activist Jodee Blanco is a pre-eminent voice on the subject of school bullying. She has presented “It’s NOT Just Joking Around!” her acclaimed anti-bullying program, to over 500,000 students, teachers, and parents nationwide. Jodee Blanco’s books include the New York Times bestselling memoir “Please Stop Laughing At Me” and its award-winning sequel “Please Stop Laughing At Us…One’s Survivor’s Extraordinary Quest to Prevent School Bullying.” For more information, visit Jodee Blanco’s website at